About us

Hi! My name is Tamara (pronounced like camera with a T!) and I am the owner of The Pricklee Pear Boutique!  I am a small town girl and Texas State University Graduate.  I married my husband and biggest supporter in 2009.  I've always wanted a family and our daughter Ainslee was born in 2011 and our son Tripp was born in 2014.  For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to own a cute little boutique in my home town.  I wasn't sure it would happen and honestly, at times I felt like I'd just be happy starting any kind of business as long as it was my own! I worked in corporate America until my daughter was born when I left to be a stay at home mom. I loved staying at home with my babies, but was always dabbling in something trying to make a few extra bucks and one day after much research and practice, I started a business called Just Lovelee.  I made body scrubs, lotions, butters, lip balms, face masks and wax melts to name a few. I spent my weekdays taking care of my babies and making products out of my kitchen, and I spent my weekends setting up booths at vendor shows.  I loved it, but I grew tired of my house looking like a science lab and spending every weekend peddling my products. I mentioned to my husband that maybe I could find a little place in town to rent where I could make and sell my products instead of doing vendor shows. I found a cute little house that was WAY too big for making and selling bath and body products, buuuuuut..........I thought. "Gosh this would make a cute boutique!" I pitched my idea to my husband and 2 weeks later we were signing a lease to open a full blown boutique!  I was so excited and scared to death!  The Pricklee Pear Boutique, which is named after my childhood farm where we used to shoot prickly pears with our BB guns, my husband and son who's middle names are Lee, and my daughter who's name is Ainslee, opened on June 1, 2016. I joke that the boutique is my 3rd child! I absolutely LOVE what I do and I love bringing cute new styles to my amazing customers. Shopping at The Pricklee Pear is an experience, not just a place to buy stuff. Each and every item is hand picked by me, and when it is sold, it's wrapped in pretty paper with a bow, hand written thank you card and a free little gift and shipped to you!  I know there are a million places to shop, and it means the world to me when you choose to support MY little boutique. Thank you so much for stopping by!

XOXO, Tamara